Every woman and girl needs resources to strengthen their faith and help them walk in the fullness of who God has called them to be. Build healthy self-esteem, enhance your prayer life, and heal from devastating loss with these resources from Beautiful Me.



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Beautiful Me: A Guide To Knowing, Loving, & Being Your Authentic Self

Know your worth. Love yourself. Just be you. While it sounds great, there’s rarely a how-to that follows when such statements are spoken. It’s easy to tell a person what to do, but knowledge without instruction produces nothing. In this book, LaKeisha closes that gap. She provides tools to help you authentically know, become, and love who God created you to be so that you may walk in the fullness of your being and His great plan for your life.




Dear God: Real Simple Prayers

This book shares prayers that many struggle to articulate. It addresses real situations and emotions and turns them into cries for God’s help, love, mercy, and grace.

Infant Loss


My Baby Has Wings

1 in 4 women who become pregnant will experience pregnancy loss, according to the American Pregnancy Association. That's approximately 2 million women.

If you, like LaKeisha, have lost a child and are struggling, her encouraging book will give you comfort and strength, as well as a much-needed reminder that you are not alone.